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Convex mirrors are widely used for retail, warehouse, hospital, public areas, loading docks, warehouses, guard booths, production facilities, parking garages and driveways. Can be ceiling or wall mounted and are available in sizes ranging from 13” to 48”. Most convex mirrors come with our advanced mounting hardware kit for easier mounting. Larger mirror diameter of 26” and above being used outside may require “double hardware” for safe mounting. (Call for pricing)
Both indoor and outdoor models have high gloss white hardboard backing.







Acrylic: Our most popular mirror, shatter resistant, excellent clarity.

Glass: Excellent clarity, will not scratch easily. Easy to clean, wet or dry and is unaffected by most cleaning chemicals. Option of shatter resistance is available.

Polycarbonate: Made to be indestructible / unbreakable and is used in high security areas.


*PLXR Outdoor Models - Weather resistant paint is used for additional protection from outdoor elements

Convex Mirror Series - Outdoor Acrylic, Glass and Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors

  • Coverage Area (ft)

    Acrylic Outdoor Polycarbonate Coverage
    PLXR-13 PC-13 13
    PLXR-18 PC-18 18
    PLXR-26 PC-26 26
    PLXR-30 PC-30 30
    PLXR-36 PC-36 36
    PLXR-48 N/A 48


    Glass Outdoor Glass Shatter Resistant Coverage
    CR-13 SCR-13 13
    CR-18 SCR-18 18
    CR-26 SCR-26 26
    CR-30 SCR-30 30
    CR-36 SCR-36 36
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